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Almost everything in our range needs to be kept frozen or chilled. We use thermo-proof packaging and overnight delivery to ensure your order reaches you in good condition. Unless you specify otherwise, all orders from our Main Fish Hall are packed with dry ice to ensure they remain frozen en route. This normally ensures that your order will stay frozen until 7pm on the delivery day. Occasionally, depending on outside temperatures and the precise contents of your order, you may find your order is not wholly frozen on arrival. However, as long as the fish is “cold to the touch”, it should be fine to put it in your freezer. If you are concerned about the temperature of your order on arrival, please call us.

Orders for frozen items are packed with dry ice to arrive frozen unless you ask us to leave out the dry ice. Chilled and ambient items are normally packed separately. We will use our judgement about combining different temperature items.

Each fish you order will packed separately and neatly labelled. With about five exceptions (which are clear in the fish descriptions), each piece of fish - eg each prawn or fillet - is frozen individually, so you can remove one item from the pack at a time.

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