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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation request can be made through Fiska.in.in on Today Cart or Week Cart until 6 hours before the start of the delivery slot. For example if the delivery slot is 2pm to 5 pm, Fiska.in supports cancellation till 8 am on the day of delivery. If the cancellation needs to be made within 6 hrs of expected delivery time, please contact us to check out on the options.

Refund Policy

In case of any quality issues, the customer has the right to return the products immediately at the time of delivery or email/call up the call center to return the products in an UNUSED Form within 3 hours of delivery. We would, at our discretion, try our best to partially or fully refund for the unused items post collecting the spoilt fruit. However Customer won’t get any refund for partially or fully used items. In case of Refund for credit card payments a surcharge of 10% will be deducted and the remaining amount would be credited into the account. In case of return of fruit under offer, Fiska.in would not credit to the extent of the offered amount.

Price and Final Quantity fluctuation

All prices and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice by Fiska.in.in. Due to daily price fluctuation in F&V industry, the final billing presented in the settlement might/will vary from the one presented during order checkout. Please note that the price on the website is valid solely for the day when you place the order and all future dates orders will be billed at the price applicable on that day.

Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalog may be mispriced. If an item correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel your order for that (those) product(s) and notify you of such cancellation. In case you do not wish to purchase that (those) product(s) at the revised price, you have the right to delete that (those) product(s) from your order or return those products at the time of delivery.

In case of product, as there are no standard packaging and weighing system available, the final weight will vary with respect to the ordered weight. While Fiska.in would make an effort to have the final weight as close to the ordered weight as possible, the customer would be billed as per the final weight.

Product Warranty

Owing to the perishable nature of the products on this site, there are no warranties of any kind either expressed or implied and Fiska.in disclaims all or any of them to the fullest extent.

Please note that Fiska.in.in is neither a manufacturer nor a producer of the products (fruits and vegetables) that it is supplying through https://www.Fiska.in would make every effort to weed out defective products and maintain very high level of hygiene while procuring, processing (if any) and delivering the products to the customer, however Fiska.in.in cannot be considered liable for any consequences (physical or otherwise) resulting to the customer from the consumption of the fruits and vegetables delivered by Fiska.in.in. In case of any doubt on the quality of a product, it is to the customer discretion to return the product either at the time of delivery or within 3 hours of the time of delivery in an unused form.